Success Story

Collaborative Development and Market Launch of E-Paper Phone Cases.

Customer Background

Our customer is an innovative company dedicated to smart device accessories, focusing on providing high-tech, high-quality products to users. They aimed to introduce a phone case to the market that features unique functionality and aesthetic design using electronic paper (EPD) technology.


The customer’s goal was to develop a phone case capable of dynamically displaying personalized images. This case not only needed to have all the basic functions of a traditional protective case but also allow easy image changes via NFC technology. This required high demands on the stability of the technology, clarity of the display, and overall user experience.


As a leading supplier of electronic paper (EPD) technology, we worked closely with the customer, providing comprehensive technical support and solutions from concept design to final product launch.


After several months of close collaboration and development, this innovative e-paper phone case successfully launched and received widespread acclaim in the market. Users praised its dynamic display functionality and high-quality protective features. The success of this product not only provided the customer with a significant competitive advantage but also demonstrated our strong capabilities in the EPD technology field.

Customer Feedback

The customer highly appreciated our collaboration and expressed their intention to continue partnering with us in future product developments to explore more applications of e-paper technology.

Through this collaboration, we not only helped the customer achieve product innovation but also further solidified our leadership position in the EPD market. We look forward to working with more customers to drive the development and application of e-paper technology.